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Let’s be real here; no one wants to take business advice from someone who hasn’t achieved what you want to achieve. Or, from someone who hasn’t gone through the struggles that you’ve gone through. From someone who hasn’t been where you’ve been.

That’s what makes Jen Guidry different. She has.

Starting from nothing, she built an empire in the mortgage business despite the adversities that could have derailed her life. She teaches from a place of knowing and doing, not just talking about it.

Reach a new level of advancement with Jen’s Success Coaching and Brilliantly Bold.

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Mortgage courses

how to build relationships

If you are a mortgage professional looking to gain a competitive edge in your field, then “How to Build Relationships” is the course for you. Building relationships is one of

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how to overcome objections

If you work in the mortgage industry, it is important to know how to manage objections that arise from customers. With the “How to Overcome Objections” course, students will learn

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Additional courses

Rewiring Your Brain

Our thoughts and beliefs influence our lives in every aspect, and our minds can be our greatest asset or our biggest limitation. In this course,

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The Neuroscience of Success

“The Neuroscience of Success” course provides a comprehensive roadmap to unlock your hidden potential by employing cutting-edge scientific methods to leverage neuroplasticity for your own benefit.

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